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The folks who make these pages possible.


Tom Belton, Illustrations and Text Editor.

A native Tar Heel, Tom Belton has been employed with the North Carolina Museum of History since 1979. As Curator of Military History, Tom has a deep interest in North Carolinians who have served in all wars, but especially those who served in the Civil War. He recently served as team leader for the exhibit North Carolina and the Civil War that opened at the North Carolina Museum of History on September 17, 1999. The exhibit includes twenty North Carolina associated Civil War flags. He hopes to have the opportunity one day to do a publication on the museum’s flag collection.

Greg Biggs, Text Editor.

Greg, an amateur military historian for over 30 years, first became interested in the study of Confederate flags about 10 years ago, Since then, he has piled on the miles researching Confederate flags all over the country in museums, archives, libraries and other places, to find out as much as possible for at least two books he has planned on the topic (mainly on Georgia and Alabama flags). Greg was also an Associate Editor for Blue & Gray Magazine for a few years and has written articles both for that magazine and Civil War Regiments. He also has given numerous lectures on various aspects of the war to Civil War conferences from California to Ohio as well as to over 30 Civil War roundtables throughout the country. Besides Confederate flags, Greg has a growing interest in the flags of the Napoleonic Wars as well as many other aspects of warfare through the ages from ancient Sparta to Desert Storm.

Robert B. Bradley, Illustrations and Text Editor.

A former National Park Service Historian, Bob is Chief Curator of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, in Montgomery. In January 1997 he prepared a report entitled Documenting The Civil War Period Flag Collection At The Alabama Department Of Archives And History. Portions of this report are on line at the Confederate Flags web site of the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Bruce Graetz, Text Editor.

Bruce works as an historian/curator at the Museum of Florida History, the state history museum in Tallahassee. He has an interest in Florida military history and artifacts, particularly related to the state's Civil War period. Bruce served as the curator on the 1997-98 museum exhibit "Florida in the Civil War." Portions of this exhibit are now incorporated into the Museum's main gallery display on the conflict. An abbreviated version of this exhibit is on line at: http://dhr.dos.state.fl.us/museum/civwar/index.html. As time permits, he is working on a draft for a proposed publication on Florida's Civil War flags.

Wayne J. Lovett, Illustrations Editor.

Wayne, is a former Texan (is any Texan ever a former Texan) who, while retaining his membership in the State Bar of Texas, is now in-house General Counsel and Secretary for a public company in California. He has compiled and created a large collection of images of original Confederate flags.

Dave Martucci, Illustrations Contributor.

A professional vexillologist from New England, Dave is Past President of the North American Vexillological Association and Secretary/Treasurer of the New England Vexillological Association. His extensive collection of flag related information includes some magnificent information and photographs relating to Confederate flags in addition to military and militia flags of all types. He is also an acknowledged expert at assessing and authenticating antique flags.

John Schmale, Illustrations Editor.

John is a retired physician, who practiced medical oncology for 27 years and ran a hospice program until he had a coronary. It was then that he decided to stop and smell the roses. A 'Civil War buff' all of his life, In about 1990 John took upon himself the project of saving what was left of Illinois' Civil War flag collection. As a result, he is a self taught 'flag expert', and set up the web site on Illinois Civil War flags. In addition, he has been a burr in the side of the Illinois politicians regarding flag conservation and finally has gotten a bill introduced in the spring 2000 session of the Illinois legislature to appoint a Governor's military flag commission.

Alan K. Sumrall, Illustrations Editor.

Al is a lawyer (look out folks, that's three lawyers on this staff) who practices in Victoria, Texas. He is author of Battle Flags of Texans in the Confederacy.

Tom Martin Site Manager

Vexillologist, flagmaker.

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