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The last flag of the
Confederate States of America.
This animated flag was created by
Devereaux Cannon.



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Department of the Treasury
Confederate Navy-revenue service

Bonnie Blue Flag

Color Guard & Color Sergeants

Confederate Army Index
Confederate Army of Mississippi
Confederate Army of Mississippi-cassidy pattern
Confederate Army of Mississippi-hardee pattern
Confederate Army of Northern Virginia
Confederate Army of Northern Virginia-1
Confederate Army of Northern Virginia-2
Confederate Army of Northern Virginia-3
Confederate Army of Tennessee
Confederate Army of the Peninsula
Confederate Department of Mississippi
Confederate Department of South Carolina, Georgia & Florida

Confederate Flag Makers
Confederate Flag Makers-1
Confederate Flag Makers-2
Confederate Flag Makers-3
Confederate Flag Makers-4
Confederate Flag Makers-5
Confederate Flag Makers-6

Confederate Flags at Sea-Cover
Confederate Flags at Sea-1
Confederate Flags At Sea-2
Confederate Flags At Sea-3
Confederate Flags At Sea-4
Confederate Flags At Sea-5
Confederate Flags At Sea-6
Confederate Flags At Sea-7
Confederate Flags At Sea-8
Confederate Flags At Sea-9
Confederate Flags At Sea-10

Confederate National Flags
Confederate National Flags 1


Confederate National Flag Rejected Proposals
Bridesmaid Flag Chart

Confederate Navy
Confederate Navy 1863
Confederate Navy Signal Flags
Confederate Navy Signal Flags1

Confederate Navy-regulations

Confederate Navy-Admiral-Rank-Flag

Confederate Secondary Flags
Confederate Secondary Flags-1
Confederate Secondary Flags-2
Confederate Secondary Flags-3

Confederate State Flags
Confederate State Flags-Alabama
Confederate State Flags-Florida
Confederate State Flags-Georgia
Confederate State Flags-Louisiana
Confederate State Flags-Mississippi
Confederate State Flags-Missouri
Confederate State Flags-North Carolina
Confederate State Flags-South Carolina
Confederate State Flags-Tennessee
Confederate State Flags-Texas
Confederate State Flags-Virginia

Conservation of Historic Flags

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In Loving Memory

Index -Flags of the Confederacy

IN PRAISE of Stars & Bars



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The Library of Congress
Alabama Department of Archives and History
The Museum of the Confederacy
Civil War Flags Message Board

Military Flag Makers
Military Flag Makers-1

Save the Colors

Secession Flags-Index
Secession Flags-1860
Secession Flags-1861
Secession Flags-1862-65
Secession Flags-Arkansas
Secession Flags-Bonnie Blue
Secession Flags-Charleston-Armory
Secession Flags-Columbia-Charleston
Secession Flags-Florida
Secession Flags-Louisiana
Secession Flags-Missouri
Secession Flags-Mobile
Secession Flags-Morris-Island
Secession Flags-Stars-Stripes
Secession Flags-Texas

The Sun of Glory






Vicki Betts Newspaper Project News clippings of Confederate Flags

Vicki Betts-1
Vicki Betts-2
Vicki Betts-3
Vicki Betts-4
Vicki Betts-5
Vicki Betts-6
Vicki Betts-7
Vicki Betts-8
Vicki Betts-9
Vicki Betts-10
Vicki Betts-11
Vicki Betts-12
Vicki Betts-13
Vicki Betts-14
Vicki Betts-15
Vicki Betts-16
Vicki Betts-17
Vicki Betts-18
Vicki Betts-19
Vicki Betts-20
Vicki Betts-21
Vicki Betts-22
Vicki Betts-23
Vicki Betts-24
Vicki Betts-25
Vicki Betts-26
Vicki Betts-27
Vicki Betts-28
Vicki Betts-29
Vicki Betts-30
Vicki Betts-31
Vicki Betts-32
Vicki Betts-33
Vicki Betts-34
Vicki Betts-35














Vicki Betts

Newspaper Project




Rejected Proposals for the Confederate Flag

The Color Guard &
Color Sergeants


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